Thursday, October 28, 2010

Observations while packing to move. And downsize.

Books that have been on your shelf unread for years (many never read), will suddenly look exceedingly interesting when you are faced with giving them away.

A job that at the outset looks like no big deal will after a few days reveal itself to be a very big deal.

Most of what we have is junk. We are fortunate enough to recognize that; it will save us from thinking that we would have made a mint off of it if only we'd had the time and foresight to have a garage sale. Our gift to ourselves is not to have a garage sale.

Our gift to our children is to move to half the space now and only keep what can fit there. This is written from the perspective of a child-in-law who had to help clear off a 60-year-old farm a few years back. (Their gift to us will be to come take their stuff away now).

It is surprising how nostalgic I can get about an oversize one-car garage on my husband's account.

Suddenly I'm obsessed with flat screens and other things that take up less space. Unfortunately until we sell our big roomy old house for less than we paid for our slightly less old compact model, budget is tighter. (But this computer monitor is about 3 feet deep. It's gotta go soon.)

Word of advice. Before you buy, you might want to check and see if your new house has cell phone reception. Farewell to the T-Mobile plan that has served our family well for 5+ years.

This is an adventure. People are shockingly impressed that we are doing it at all. It's good to go on an adventure.

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  1. Kim, My elderly parents-in-law have lived in the same house for 50+ years and have still have everything they ever owned: Every National Geographic Magazine, every hat from the 50's, every plastic fork or cup. We have urged them to begin winnowing but Wanda's idea of winnowing is to lay her treasures (multiple salt and pepper sets, purses, Holiday earrings) on the dining room table and have her three daughters-in-law and one daughter, pick out something to take home. I know she is thinking, "It's not really gone, it's just staying at Mark and Cyndi's house now".
    Happy you are doing this now. Good for you and Merlin!