Monday, October 5, 2009


No one at work is out to get me. My friends are not catty. My husband makes supper for us most worknights. He is healthy. So are my kids. They support themselves, and when they come for the weekend it is a good weekend. Both sides of our family love us. I can hear. My bifocals work. The only pain I have I can avoid by not lying on my right shoulder. I have a very cute car but not a very cool car, so I never worry about it getting stolen. I get out of work after dark 6+ months of the year to a deserted parking lot, and haven't been mugged once. I don't like running (after the first 4 blocks), but I can do it, and I can make myself do it even though I don't like it. I have a fortunate metabolism. I go to a very kind-hearted Mennonite church where they help me keep believing, as do lots of other people. No one I love seems to be addicted to anything. God looks after my patients. I still have a mom. I am just so grateful, and not nearly grateful enough.

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