Thursday, October 8, 2009

NPR 50 Great Voices

Not that anyone is reading this, but if you do, there is one week left to nominate the best voice you've ever heard, or several of them, on the NPR website. I only nominated two (Alison Kraus and Ray Charles), but it made me think of other voices that have taken me away over the years.

As a little kid, I loved Doris Day. (That's right, and I'm not embarrassed about it.) I loved, and still love, Ella Fitzgerald. My mom let me have her vinyl Ella albums, Ella sings Gershwin, and Ella Sings the Rodgers (Rogers?) and Hart Songbook. My mom's record collection, by the way, is why I know a lot of songs you don't--we were not wealthy, but that is where the fun money went. She was very eclectic.

I liked what everyone else liked in high school. In college, James Taylor, Elton John, and Neil Young. I could sing just like Neil, probably still can, as his range is my range and he's very imitable. Now, Natalie Mains and Alison are the voices I'm guilty of envying. And anyone who sings in Portuguese.

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