Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is This Thing Working?

Tonight we are going to a potluck. We are lazy potluckers, or, in my case, maybe too egotistical to want to trot out my best stuff only to be obscured or eclipsed by other people's best stuff, or maybe even by their less-than-best. So we always take brownies, with something extra thrown in, like chocolate chips, mint chips, raspberries or cherries from the yard, etc. Today I am thinking of going down to the hardware store and buying a variety of local apples from the vendors in the parking lot and just taking the beautiful apples (with the brownies, but not in the brownies). Lazy, see?

I am happy about Rio de Janeiro being chosen for the 2016 Olympics, my being a fan of the Obamas notwithstanding. I really do think the president wasted his international capital on this one. Not sure if Rio is really deserving; it is pretty weird and crime-ridden, although, as God really does love and look after fools, we suffered no victimization there on our brief sojourn last year. But it is Rio, and exotic, and loveable in its way; I really hope the poor of the city benefit and don't suffer in the rush to be Olympian. And I will watch as much of the games as I can (though I will be really, really old then), hoping to see something of the streets we wandered through on my one and only visit to Brazil. Obrigada, IOOC!

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