Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I renew my license along with the other credentials attached to it every two years in October. You have to present a list of all the education you have acquired in the intervening two years (which must total at least 100 hours, which seems eminently reasonable to me), but it seems that every two years they add something that you didn't have to do the last time. So that every two years, no matter how many hours I have racked up, I am in suspense as to whether they will find me wanting, and come down on me with their wrath, and strip me of my only way to make a living. No matter that I've done this five times now, and they have always just said, "Yes, fine, here's your license," I still expect to have the board of nursing show up on my doorstep and say, "Ma'am, we need to speak to you about this alleged course in bio-identical hormones, and by the way, are you sure you gave an honest answer to this question about any mental health conditions that might affect your ability to practice?" It came in the mail Saturday, along with that same familiar sense of relief.

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